Mindful Dog Training

Connecting the Minds of Dog and Handler

"If you are hanging on to your dog's body, it's because you have lost his mind." Suzanne Clothier




I'm Daniela and I have been an instructor for 36 years at The Kintala Club Inc, in Heidelberg. The club was founded by David Weston and was one of the first Australian dog clubs to use positive reinforcement as a training method.

Since my early days, dog training has evolved and to keep up with the times, I have furthered my methods, I am a member of The Gentle Dog Trainers Association which is a government accredited organisation, I'm also a qualified  Level 1 and 2 instructor of the Connection, Cooperation & Control (CCC).

If you're reading this and thinking what is CCC? Don't worry! I'm here to explain and teach you and your companion all there is to know about CCC.

What is CCC?

  • Is your dog’s behavior great at home, but he’s a punk in the park?
  • Do you wish your dog would listen, even in distracting situations?
  • Spent a lot on training classes, but still have an out of control dog?

The CCC training system is designed to help you create the kind of connection and cooperation you want with your dog. Firmly founded on the principles of Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training, CCC helps you create a mutual connection with your dog, while you also develop a cheerful cooperation.

Below are links to organisations I have worked in and continue to work in:

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